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Phil Turner ProductionsA BA (Hons) in Communication Media from Kent (graphics, film theory, animation) Phil started out in the TV broadcast / commercials industry as a 3D CGI animator in Soho, London.

He soon became a producer / director, launching several new broadcast TV companies, directing many programmes and the highest profile series launches with the world's best known scriptwriters, stars and public figures ... working with the BBC, Sky, Channel 4, and for pretty much every other TV company in the UK.

Happily, he's been in demand!

More recently his documentary series work has included remote jungle / tribal / mountaineering / front-line / issue-based and army expeditions. He's directed series for his own company for worldwide release and also for satellite and terrestrial TV, including the highest rating Travel and Adventure series on Discovery Network Europe.

His unique technical skillset, not only as director / producer, but also as a top-flight DoP, soundie, editor, compositing / 3D-CGI animator and grading artist, honed over the course of 20 years directing with the best, has given him the ability to travel the world as a one-man production house.

Phil's been on jungle raids with South American special forces in Huey helicopter gunships; lived with several tribes in extremely remote locations; interviewed Heads of State; investigated child labour in the most dangerous mines in the world; joined 20-horse expeditions / climbing expeditions / extreme rafting and jungle expeditions in the least explored locations on earth; he has climbed mountains, sailed, flown, dived, skied and trained with the elite units of the British Military; visited the slums and interviewed the street children of African and South American countries. He has made films on eco-tourism, the environment and animal and rainforest conservation.

Working in every genre, Phil has created many multi-channel commercials and programmes for the largest multinational corporations, travelling literally all over the world directing for the likes of Shell and Barclays; he has created cutting-edge youth, children's and music TV; he also has a passion for drama, and has created several award-winning films.

Having won contracts and awards for the top production companies in the UK, he launched Phil Turner Productions Ltd to offer clients a direct, unique and trustworthy service, offering only top-end productions at unbeatable value.

Drawing on 20 years of unrivalled production and post-production expertise at the cutting edge, Phil loves the variety - and takes the greatest pleasure in creating the perfectly tailored film to suit his clients' needs.