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"My advice would be the one-stop-shopping situation where you get your films done the way you really want them to be done. If you want it to be slick, sexy, wrapped up, engaging from start to finish, Phil's your guy."

Justin Hall
Head Of RMTV (in interview)
Phil Turner, Runningman Series.
Series Director /Cameraman /Editor /Grading.
The highest rating Travel and Adventure Series on Discovery Network Europe

“Marvellous - I am very much enjoying your work! Great stuff indeed ”

Adam Hardwick
Head of Television
British Forces Broadcasting Service
Forces TV (2017)

“Phil, I LOVE IT! What a fantastic edit. Great job! It's really exciting ”

Kevin Rixon
Head of Creative
AETN BSKYB (Fifth Gear Launch) (2015)

“The biggest thankyou! Phil - wow wow wow... superb and seamless, seriously a masterpiece and would like to see it credited as such. So much good feedback from the attendees last night. Very pleased - hope you are!
Also should have said so much more about how you took this project and lived it with all of us!!!
Ta Ta Ta! ”

Natalie Hammond
NHS (2014)

“Phil, I meant to find you on the system and say a huge well done! You are a star ”

Debs Amore
MET Police UK (2014)

“Phil, just wanted to say thanks for making the two days so enjoyable and making everyone feel at ease on set. You and all your staff were fantastic over the two days and I hope that if the NHS need to use a production company again they will opt for you and your staff.”

Robert Mcsorely
NHS (2013)

“Brilliant job Phil on the Greg stuff. Many thanks ”

Austin Swain
Lane4 (2012)

“Phil, we are so happy with the cut.  Everyone that has seen it today has been blown away by the quality.  I knew it would be brilliant and it is.
Thanks also for pulling something together in time for our pitch because I know you are mad busy at the moment ”

Clare Hopkins
Head of Marketing Communications
Lane4 (2010)

“Phil, We LOVE it. Thanks so much for your hard work.”

Natalie Benjamin, Communications Manager
Lane4 (2010)

"Phil, well done, I really love it mate - good job. I'm positive the client will be impressed also. I actually forgot to mention it but that shot down the tracks IS pure bloody genius! Everyone has said 'wow' at that shot! Nobody had any doubt that you will make this film look slick as hell "

Jeremy Goodman-Smith
Edge Picture Company (2010)

“Amazing camera move through stuff to find laura with coffee. That's genius.
All good. Well done! ”

Alex Amos
Executive Producer
Edge Picture Company (2010)

"Indeed the film has gone down very well and we have entered it for 3
IVCAs - will keep you posted.  It is a great piece of work.  Do hope we get to work with you again soon "

Andrew Lane-Fox
Head of Production COI (2009)
'Joint Enterprise Murder' New Scotland Yard Gun Knife Crime Film
Phil Turner Director/ DoP/ Sound/ Editor/ Compositing / Grade / Mix

"I think Kenneth's interview looks ****ing great! I love the copper shot as well. The film has only had outstanding praise so far...just thought I'd let you know that it seems to be making waves wherever it goes..."

Allon Wechsler
Producer COI (2009)
'Joint Enterprise Murder' New Scotland Yard Gun Knife Crime Film
Phil Turner Director/ DoP/ Sound/ Editor/ Compositing / Grade / Mix

"As we've seen from the MET video, when it comes to fighting the gangs, Joint Enterprise is the weapon of choice. But does that mean it's been pushed too far?... So after what we've shown you, would any of you change anything?... You'd better make sure you know about Joint Enterprise "

BBC1 Panorama 23 11 2009
'Lethal Enterprise' Primetime terrestrial programme based upon and dedicated to showing and discussing Phil Turner's film 'Joint Enterprise Murder'. Several televised focus groups and lawyers watch and discuss the issues depicted in each sequence of his film.

"It makes young people think. That is a huge first step... If you can get young people to think about what they're doing, then you're well on your way to educating them "

New Scotland Yard Homicide Squad Commander Simon Foy on Phil Turner's film 'Joint Enterprise'
In interview on BBC Radio 4 (30 06 2009)

"We really love the work you did on the sponsorship idents. Thank you so much. It was great working with you "

Louise Woodcock, Brand Manager
Lighter Life (2009)

"Thanks Phil, great job! "

Dan Finch, Head of Advertising Sales & Business Development, BSkyB (2009)

"Brilliant and breathtaking; very, very good."

Ken Wharton, soldier and author
History Channel (2009)

"Working with Phil has been an all
inclusive, reciprocal, successful experience; in particular, the filming process was adventurous, meaningful and blessed. We now own an exciting film - well done Phil."

Captain Andy Fowle
Project Officer MoD
Joint Services Adventurous Training
Phil Turner - Multiple Award Winner;
Director/ Cameraman/ Editor/ Compositing,
all Graphics and Grading, Sound & Music remix
(Contract won by Phil Turner for Jacaranda 2007)

"Chris showed me the JSAT film yesterday. I just had to drop you a line to say how brilliant I thought it was. I was very impressed! There are also murmers from Recruiting Group that they would like to use it too!
Well done and thank you once again! "

Vicki Greg
Commercial Branch
Ministry of Defence (2007)
NY Film Festivals Best Cameraman / Best Recruitment Film. JSAT Film.
Phil Turner Director/ Cameraman/ Editor / Graphics and Grading.
(Jacaranda 2007)

"Phil, the DVDs have duly arrived. I'm delighted. I think it's magnificent and it feels very right now not to have tried to cut further.
Thanks again for all your hard work and your determination to make
this a truly valuable promotional piece for Ridley. I have been admiring again this morning just how beautifully you picked up and used the 'faith language' and yet kept the total production accessible to a wide range of people.
Very well done! "

Trevor Thorne
College Dean
Ridley Hall, Cambridge (2007)

"You did an excellent job."

David Lefevre
Senior Learning Technologist
Tanaka Business School
Imperial College, London (2007)

"Phil, Just seen the final edit, I thought it was excellent "

Andy Laurie
Commissioning Officer MET Police / MPA
'Stop and Search'
Phil Turner Director/ Cameraman/ Editor / Grading and DoP/Director of Graphics.
New York Film Festivals Best Public Information Film 2009.
Contract won by Phil Turner for Jacaranda

"The end product was a fantastic result, considering the short amount of time we had to make it work but you did and I thank you for that! "

Sophia Plunkett
The Edge Picture Company (2006)

"The production values are excellent and the sound as well. I don't know how you managed some of it. Brilliant."

Patrick Drummond (2006)
Mozambique Poo Tour (feature doc)
(Phil Turner Productions in association with 'Poo Productions')
Phil Turner Director /Cameraman /Editor / All Sound and post production

"I look forward to working with Phil Turner again in the future. It's not just that you were good, but I'd like to have the chance to do it again."

Peter Gosselin
M&C Saatchi (2006)

"Thanks very much for all your hard work this year - you've produced some great work for us."

Richard Morgan,
Head of On Air,
BSKYB (The History Channel 2005)

"The film was brilliant and again everyone (including Princess Alexandra) commended it and the boards were great too. A big thanks for all your help with this as they had such an impact on the night."

Annabel Ellison
Royal Brompton CF Unit (2005)

"The creative looks great - the client should be very happy. Thanks for your hard work and quick turnaround "

Andrew Brooking
(BIO, DivaTV, Discovery - commercial sponsorship films) 2009

"I just wanted to say thankyou for putting together the moving video clip for the Chernobyl Children's project. It brought tears to my eyes watching it at the event last week. Thanks very much "

Aidan Siney
Chernobyl Children's project (O2 Awards)
Phil Turner - three years consecutive - sole Director /Cameraman /Editor /Grading / Sound
of the 2007 Clarion Award winning '02 Awards' Films for Jacaranda (2005, 2006, 2007)

The excellent relationship built with the MoD over the first 6 months of 2007 saw Phil invited to join the elite British Army team attempting the summit of the highest mountain in Tibet - Shishapangma - an 8012m peak and one of the highest mountains in the world. The team enjoys the patronage of Lt Gen. Lamb CMG DSO OBE, Sir Chris Bonnington CBE and Doug Scott CBE.

"Although Phil is relatively new to the ski touring and technical climbing world, during the course of his time with the team he has proven himself fully capable and earned himself a place not only as the expedition film-maker but a fully respected team member."

Phil Turner